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The company Nebula Mega Prop (Pty) Ltd was founded by Saleem van Staaden. Nebula Mega Prop (Pty) Ltd has evolved from various companies over a period of 32 years, most of which was involved in the construction and property development industry. 


Our Mission


·     To build lasting friendships and partnerships with our people, our partners, our rural communities and our business associates 


·     To be honest in our conduct, to value integrity and transparency 


·     To uplift the rural poor, the needy and the destitute. 


·     To create wealth through property development, investments in and joint venture partnerships with land owners.  



Our Vision


·     To become a leader in property development in the Eastern Cape and in particular in the former Transkei region. 


·     To provide an unequalled and lasting legacy, for future generations 



Our Philosophy


·     To use all elements of natural and spiritual law and the soil of the earth which the Creator granted us for free; to add value thereto using our intellectual resources and creative powers; to profit thereby creating enormous wealth, health and happiness.   


·     To create perpetual wealth for ourselves, to distribute wealth to our partners and transfer wealth to our communities.